Why the Scales Could be Lying

If I told you to track your progress for fat loss what one bit of equipment would you use?

Understandable many people would say scales but losing weight on the scales can be misleading. If you look up the definition of weight loss it is the reduction of total body mass due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat and lean mass. Too many people think that losing weight or gaining weight on the scales is body fat changing, however, this is only one of three things that it could be. Massive and quick changes are often caused by your fluid levels. A lot of athletes who compete in weight classes will dehydrate themselves and lose a lot of weight in a short time. Once the athlete rehydrates themselves they will regain all the weight.

This is part of the reasons why people on low carb diets will see dramatic changes on the scales. By removing carbs you lose a lot of water quickly so you see a quick change on the scales. Some companies use this to promote quick fixes as they claim it’s fat loss.

The gold standard for tracking fat loss is DEXA test, however, not many of us have access to this so what we recommend is progress photos, how your clothes fit and measurements. While you want to look great you also want to feel great in the process.

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