What are FAD Diets??

‘Fad diets’ encompass a large amount of poor nutritional information.

Unfortunately beginners to the fitness industry can be easily led astray by these low morality companies or individuals selling you nonsense.

Now I’m not going to name any directly for fear of being sued 😉 but they will usually try to sell you replacement meals, shakes, bars, snacks and fat loss supplements all of which tend to be very poor quality.

The information they give you will work short term but fail big time over the medium and long term. That’s how these companies work, they need you too keep coming back to make more profit 😡

Our goal is to help to teach you how to get short medium and long term improvements to you’re nutrition and lifestyle. We show you the information you need, to help learn how to make the right choices for years to come, so that you reach and maintain you’re health and fitness goals.

You may have heard she saying ‘If the diet you’re following has a name’ then it’s probably nonsense for the most part.

If you are unsure if you’re stuck in the fad diet circle of failure or you wish to learn about proper nutritional principles and how to fit it into you’re current lifestyle then please ask us any questions you may have.

We will be glad to help.

Written by David Campbell