If you work a full time job and have a family it can be tougher for you to find the time to train than your average single carefree person, so a lot of the time you will just say you don’t have time to train use this as an excuse and not train.

Now, I don’t want to use myself as an example as I work in a gym so access is easier for me, but I like so many other young parents will have nights when the kids don’t sleep or they’re unwell so are up all night or the best one is when they mistake your head for a trampoline at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Being tired is another reason people will simply use this as an excuse and not train. But for me, it simply comes down to how much you actually want to train? How much do you care about health? How much do you care about reaching your goals? Personally, it takes a lot to stop me from training when I’m due to train, if I’m tired I just put the earphones in and do what I can. If I struggle a bit more because I’m so tired, then so be it! I will still have my target weights to lift and give it my all and 9\10 I leave the gym feeling a lot more energised and no longer want to put the kids to live at the cat and dog home, which is probably a good thing ;).

If you really have absolutely no time to get to the gym, then you maybe need to have a look at your schedule, could you go to the gym before work? Could you take a longer lunch break and go then? Go directly from work? Go when the kids are in bed? Even set yourself a home body weight circuit to do. I have often found myself doing circuits using the kids as weights to make it harder, ever tried press ups while trying to balance two hyper kids on your back…tough work.

It’s only natural that you cant get to the gym 5\6 days a week and that’s fine. You just need to make the time you do have in the gym more productive. If you know you’re only going to manage the gym one day some weeks, then make sure you do a full body workout and hit as many compound exercises as you can. If you manage twice you could either do two full body workouts or if the days are too close together, I would recommend an upper body session and a lower body session.

Basically, where theres a will theres a way, if you want it bad enough then you will find a way. You have kids, set a good example for them.

Written by Martyn Paul