This for me is the most important component in anything you do! My clients will tell you this is the thing that I nag at them the most. Without consistency, you will just keep finding yourself back at square one. For example, if you have 2/3 good weeks where your nutrition is on point and you’re training well but then have a week where you just ‘can’t be bothered’ preparing the right meals or going to the gym. So, you just order takeaway food all week and watch coronation street every night (there’s on omnibus on Sunday’s catch up on Corrie then😂)! then that one week off could set you right back depending how bad the week has been.


Now at the risk of upsetting people, I’m afraid to tell you that for long term fat loss then all your juice diets/shake diets/fresh air diets etc DONT WORK. You will you drop ‘weight’ – yes, but you’ll also be dropping water and muscle and the minute you come off the ‘diet’ you’re going to put all the weight plus more back. You will also have ruined your metabolism. You need to find balance, try and get protein in all your meals, eat your greens, eat CARBS (yes, I’m telling you to eat carbs, they’re the main energy source for your body and if you go on low carb ‘diet’ you will also crash and burn) also remember to get your healthy fat sources. However, if you have a night out then go out and enjoy yourself, have a good drink without feeling guilty, but get back into healthy eating the next day avoid that ‘hangover day’ when you just binge on junk all day! It’s all about balance, don’t deprive yourself of foods you love,  just don’t binge on them.


Don’t be scared to do this! I don’t care if you’re Hulk Hogan or wee Emily Bishop off Coronation Street, but if you’re trying to drop fat then this is what you need to do. Now you could diet, lose ‘weight’ and get ‘skinny!’  But for me if someone says ‘I want to be skinny’ I normally give them a really brutal atomic wedgie😂, get LEAN! If you’re just starting out your fitness journey there’s a good chance you can drop fat AND build muscle! This should be your target, if you’re a seasoned lifter, you need to decide which path you want to go down, either lose fat OR build muscle. So, take advantage of this in the early stages of your training. More muscle – faster metabolism – easier to drop fat!

#4 Set Goals

This is something people often wonder into the gym without, they just train, leave the gym and repeat over and over doing the same thing day in day out! If you set a goal whether it be losing a certain amount of fat or building muscle to lift a certain amount of weight, having the goal written down will help you strive towards it! Once you reach that goal? Set the next one!


You WILL reach your goal! You will NOT give up when it gets tough or you hit a plateau! Have a positive mindset, don’t stop the exercise when it gets to a ‘bit tough.’ Push through that and hit your target rep range, those reps that hurt are the reps that count!


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