The natural thing for anyone stepping into a gym for the first time is to head straight to a piece of cardio equipment. It’s almost like a security net for most people, ‘I’ll get on a treadmill and I won’t look out of place.’ Now unless your training for a running event, then don’t even consider a treadmill. If you want to run you don’t need to go to the gym you just step outside your front door and go! Basically, get yourself into the weights area and start building muscle, you pay the same membership fee as the guy in the corner taking selfies of his biceps, it’s not his area to own it’s for anyone!

Everyone wants quick results, and that’s a natural thing to want, but in the case of fat loss I guessing it didn’t take a week to put on the excess fat, so it won’t be coming off in a week! I get people come to me all the time and say ‘I only lost 1lb this week’ – my reply – GREAT! It’s a loss, you’re heading in the right direction just keep doing what you’re doing, be patient and be consistent! In the case of trying to put muscle on its the same scenario,  Arnie didn’t turn up to the gym bang out 4 sets of bicep curls and look how he does now! He trains hard he eats right and he’s consistent.

I know of people who have just swaggered into gyms from the off,  taken no advice from anyone and just started lifting weights. In the majority of cases they have no pattern to the training at all, one week you might do some chest and legs, then some chest and shoulders then chest and some poorly performed squats. Now this will be great for a bigger chest 🙈, but you need to build muscle all over, so if you’re getting to the gym twice a week, the best plan would be either an upper body session then a lower body session or even two full body sessions.
Ask for advice, ask for a basic programme to get you started this will take any good trainer no time at all. You’ve made the first and hardest step already by entering the gym so make sure you do it right from there and never be scared to ask a trainer or even a more experienced gym user for advice.

Written by Martyn Paul