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I’m a level 3 trainer PT qualified in nutrition, spin, box fit and circuit training which I like to incorporate into my training.

Naturally I want to see all my clients working hard but at the same time, I like for them to enjoy the sessions and have a laugh.

I’m a very sporty person and play a lot of football and occasionally boxing.

I enjoy taking part in many events with my clients such as 10ks, Tough Mudder, Spartan races etc. However, most of all I enjoy seeing my clients accomplish their goals at these events.

My biggest achievement as a trainer is helping my best friend lose 5 stone in weight. I was a very proud trainer and friend.

My biggest life achievement is my two beautiful daughters who make me smile every day (Bit cheesy, but true.)



With my wide-ranging qualifications, along with my 7 years as a successful self employed PT and over 10 years experience in gym based training, this gives me a good knowledge and practical base to help coach clients to their goals in a safe and efficient manner.

I like to use common sense and a no-nonsense approach when it comes to training and nutritional guidance. I have a true passion for health, training and nutrition. Even though I have many qualifications, I read up on many relevant topics and new research on a weekly basis in order to stay up to date to give my clients the best care I possibly can.

I love to challenge myself with a wide variety of fitness and sporting activities, this helps to further motivate my clients by showing them that I follow the exact same advice I give them. It can inspire them by my example, if they stick to my advice they can reach their goals.

For example, I have completed Tough Mudder and the much more difficult Spartan super race. These are both obstacle courses set over rough terrain the Spartan race being over a half marathon distance. I also challenged myself to drop my body fat to low levels and I’m delighted to say I achieved my goal. I have climbed mountains in Scotland including the highest Ben Nevis and an even higher mountain in New Zealand while I was travelling there.

Sports that I have a keen interest in are; Football, Cycling, Tennis, Badminton, Rugby, Golf, Skiing, Weight/Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, Swimming, Boxing, Athletics and Formula 1.

In 2014, I was very lucky to able to travel for four months to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and North Vietnam. This opened me up to experience different people and cultures.


Lynn Cowling

Back To The 90’s!!!

I Started teaching in the fitness industry in 1995, starting with General ETM classes & over the years adding Reebok Step, Schwinn Spin, Boxercise, Body Combat, Body Pump, Cardiac Rehab, Metafit & 2 boys!  Since 1997 Body Pump always my fav but, more recently Metafit taking that top spot, love the buzz after a Metafit class & more so the atmosphere & chat among participants & the good news stories about inch loss & even PB’s for races.

After working in gyms & fitness centres full time over an 18 year period I went back to work full time 4 years ago but just couldn’t give up my classes & still jumping about 5 days of 7!!

Look forward to seeing you at Martyn Paul Fitness Centre soon


Daniel Whyte

I have been working in the fitness industry for the last 5 years but developed my passion in health and fitness from a very young age.

I started judo at the age of 11 and fell in love with a varied range of sport and health and fitness. Aged 17 I suffered a really bad shoulder injury, which meant I was unable to train for a long time, in this period I gained a lot of weight up to 118kgs. In Jan of 2016 I started my weight loss journey and lost as much 40kgs in body weight. Losing this amount of weight I learnt a few things along the way tips tricks and more importantly the best mind set to be in to achieve your goals.

Taking part in judo has taught me a discipline that I try to transfer to my clients. I have been lucky to see and work with many different people with a range of challenges.

I go above and beyond to make sure my clients receive my full support whenever they need it. Getting to grasps with training and nutrition isn’t easy and I try to get involved with all aspects of my clients life to make sure they achieve their goals.

I love a challenge so making my clients realise that nothing is impossible and that no goal is out of reach. Watching them do this is so rewarding.  I showed them this by running 2 marathons a half iron man and a brutal 15 mile hilly trail run. I am not the lightest of guys and made them realise that no matter what age shape or size you are you can do anything.

I have been very lucky to travel the world and meet some very interesting people and learnt a lot of information.



I'm an enthusiastic individual with a passion for working in the health and fitness industry. I have been working as a personal trainer for 2 years

As a trainer I measure strengths and weaknesses with a fitness assessment, educate clients through correct techniques, new exercises as well as helping them improve their lifestyle and nutrition.  With my experience as a personal trainer, I will ensure that I get you the results that you’ve been striving for a long time.

I like to make sure that my clients leave the session feeling like they’ve learned something different every time and make sure they’ve worked their hardest to full potential.

If your goals are to improve you’re general fitness, get toned, lose weight, gain strength, building muscle mass or training for a sporting event, I will create and provide fun and engaging fitness sessions tailored to meet your individual needs with 1 to 1 or partner personal training sessions.


Rachel Duthie

Rachel Duthie, founder of Bee RelaxeD established in 2015 and Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist.

It has instantly become my passion to educate people on their bodies. My main priority is you and your needs. I want us to learn together what your body needs and tailor your experience to help you be fit and ready to take on anything.

I have always been a person that wanted to help people in any way possible. Therefore, in 2014 I began my journey with Scottish Massage School in Aberdeen to complete my Diploma in Swedish Massage Therapy. I fell in love with massage and what it can do for people mentally and physically. I decided to leave the Oil and Gas Industry and pursue my passion full time. This was where Bee RelaxeD was founded in November 2015.

Early on, I started getting more involved with athletes and more complex cases, therefore, I decided to increase my knowledge in this area. I went on to further train for my Diploma in Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy in 2016.

Since then, I have worked with/on an array of people from all walks of life. I am constantly studying and pushing myself to be the best I can be, to alleviate any aches or pains.

I have been very fortunate to assist at many events providing pre/post treatments for marathons, triathlons, strongman competitions, football teams, etc. Even going into the hospital to work on the nurses for ‘International Nurses Week’ and the new mothers and nurses for ‘Neonatal Mental Health Awareness Week’. Diversifying into different fields, helps me learn what various techniques I can use to help others.

Bee RelaxeD accommodates any Sports Events i.e. Marathons, Football games, etc. I will be available to assist with any pre or post event treatments, providing warm ups, cool downs and reviewing any sport injuries throughout the event.

My highest Achievements to date - I was shortlisted for Best Health and Wellbeing Business at The Aberdeen Awards 2017, and in 2016 I was delighted to win Massage Therapist of the Year at The Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards.

Registered member of Scottish Massage Therapy Organisation (SMTO)


Ryan Glennie

Fitness has always been a passion of mine. I got in to gym based work from playing football. After losing interest through niggling injuries my attention slowly turned to solely gym work.

After working in Oil & Gas at the very start of my working career, the day I was made redundant was the beginning of where I am today. I worked tirelessly in a supermarket to raise funds for my PT Qualification which I finally got in 2017.

Since then I’ve put my energy in to helping as many people as I can. I’ve worked with people of all ages and all levels. From a 13 year old Olympic Level Ice Skating Dancer to males in their 40’s stepping foot in a gym for the first time in their life. From a Scottish Strongman Athlete to On the go mum’s who just want to get that little bit fitter and stronger. No challenge puts me off!

Everyone’s start point is different, everyone’s goal is different and for me that’s what I enjoy the most. I do my best to facilitate the needs of all and work to make sure after every session my client leaves knowing they have gained something new.

Everyone has their own struggles and I love putting the puzzle together to work out how to help them. I’m always building my own knowledge through podcasts, social media and people I see as mentors to me to be able to do this. I look forward to working together with you to reach your desired goal, however big or small!



Hi my name is Owen I'm an enthusiastic individual with a passion for working in the health and fitness industry.

I have been working in the industry for over 4 years. I enjoy working alongside people of all ages and find it rewarding working with individuals helping them to achieve their goal.

As a teenager, I was unhappy with the way that I looked, tall and skinny. I admired people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and became determined to build a more muscular physique. This took hard work and determination.

Now happy with the way I look and the knowledge I have gained through my personal journey and studies, I have the ability to work alongside all individuals of all shapes and sizes to help them through there own personal journey.

If you are interested in working together to achieve you goals then please get in touch!


Tessa Grinlinton

Senior massage therapist with 10 years experience specializing in advanced therapeutic, deep tissue and sports massage, injury and scar tissue rehab, rebalancing and detoxification therapies.

Hi there I’m Tessa, the kiwi member of the team. I have been practicing as a remedial and sports massage therapist for the last ten years, graduating in 2009 in Swedish Massage, Spa Therapies & Stress Management and a Diploma in Advanced Therapeutic Massage. I also offer Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Kinetic Chain Release, Cupping therapy and am a fully insured member of the SMTO (Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation).

I’ve worked alongside physiotherapists, osteopaths and massage therapists in sports injury clinics, corporate settings and medical centres offering the highest client-centred care and have a wide range of sports massage experience with athletes at all levels. I can help with postural correction, occupational and stress- related tension and post-surgical massage using remedial and therapeutic techniques. I also offer Swedish and Pregnancy massage.

I enjoy weight training with the expert PTs at MPFC, pole fitness classes and am a previous track and field regional level runner and Muay Thai kickboxer. I am also interested in nutrition and currently have a vegan and gluten-free blog to keep me out of trouble in my spare time.

I believe in the strong results obtained from massage therapy that work time and again to reduce pain and tension, improving quality of life and wellness. Just like a car, the body requires an MOT regularly to keep things running smoothly, often preventing problems from cropping up further down the track.

So much of our ability to enjoy life can be coloured by the state of our health including pain: it affects all facets of who we are. If I can assist with reducing and eliminating your pain and discomfort I am satisfied I have done my job. Make the decision to make your health and wellbeing a priority and see how this can positively affect your life.