Stress Relief

It’s safe to say that many of us are currently suffering with stress or have done in the past. Whether this is caused by your work situation, family, relationship issues or those damn kids that just refuse to do as they’re told (I have one hanging off my neck as I type this).

I’ve found that stress can effect people in different ways. In most cases over eating will occur, but in some it’s the complete opposite.

Now, I wont sit here and tell you how to get rid of your stress. I’m a PT with a dodgy knee not a miracle man, but there are ways you can help with your stress. Knowing the cause of the stress will always help as you can try and take yourself away from the situation. So, if its work try and turn off from work away from work hours as much as you can. If it’s the kids, then once they’re in bed, have some time to yourself.

Now its time for my cliché answer….. EXERCISE! I’m going to use myself as an example. My daughter was in Yorkhill hospital when she was born a few years back, I was in Glasgow for months, so I joined the nearest gym. My daughter was obviously all that mattered to me at that point and I wasn’t going to the gym to try and lose fat or build muscle, I was going simply to keep myself sane. Try and forget about what was going on in my life for an hour, most days it was weight training which was great for shifting some aggression, and hitting the punch bag was amazing. I also went for a run some days with the headphones in and turned off completely, to the point that I ran so far one day that I got lost…oops.

After training I always returned in a more upbeat mood, my problems and worries were still exactly where I left them, but that hour of me time really did help me so much, more than I can ever explain.

So, no matter how stressed you get, please take your health into consideration and take time out where you just switch off from the world.

Written by Martyn Paul