#1 Great personal trainers !


The only personal trainers that will work at the gym will be fully qualified, great at what they do, approachable, know how to help you reach your goals and importantly in my own opinion – have a good personality and know when it’s ok to have a laugh!  We all want a session to be tough, but if you don’t enjoy your training or like your trainer then no matter how good the trainer is you will eventually dread going in to see the trainer and stop training.

#2 Help will always be on hand!


Whether it’s one of our trainers, our physio or one of our many skilled instructors, everyone who works out of the gym will always be willing to help. Whether it be training tips, nutritional guidance or advising what’s the best Netflix series to watch there will always be someone to advise😊

#3 Enthusiastic instructors!

All our instructors are great at what they do. When you attend our classes you will be pushed as hard as possible no matter what level of fitness you are at. The standard will be high and enjoyable 😜

#4 Mix of classes


We have a great mix of classes , having done a survey we have put in all the most popular classes, including meta fit, Boxercise, kettlebells and many more! 

#5 Nutritional help

Most people who attend a gym can walk in and train away no problem at all, but so many don’t know where to start when it comes to nutrition.  Free nutritional guidance will be on hand weekly whether it be a quick chat with a trainer in the gym or you can attend one of our nutrition drop in hours which will be twice per week.

#6 Not just a number!


At our gym you won’t just be lost in the crowd. With it being limited numbers this helps us hear every members voice. If there is enough demand for a class or a piece of equipment then we’ll make it happen. This is your gym where your opinion will count!

#7 Brand new well maintained equipment!


All our equipment is coming brand new. I chose the equipment I feel is needed for training along with a few toys I think will be fun 😜. The equipment will always be clean and working, if a piece of equipment is broke then it will be fixed within the week. Again though if there’s enough demand for a certain piece of equipment then we can make it happen ☺️

#8 Team events


We’ll be keen to do events together as a team 10ks, half marathons, marathons, Tough Mudder type events are all great to do as a team. Most of our instructors and myself included often take part in these and enjoy them, even more so as a team ☺️

#9 Limited members


With there not being hundreds and hundreds of members at the gym, we hope to create a family type of gym with a great friendly atmosphere in which everyone is happy and comfortable to train in. We want everyone to be proud to train at our gym 💪

#10 Fat loss competitions


We also hope to get some competitions together and who doesn’t love a fat loss challenge! Whether it be 8,10 or 12 week competitions its a great challenge and incentive to do well. These can be done as an individual or in a team 😁

I hope this give you an idea of how I’d like the gym to be , as always if you have any questions just drop me an email ☺️ – info@martynpaul.com

Written by Martyn Paul