Intermittent fasting

OK so i have the secrets for fat loss right here!

Only joking there are none,

But what i can tell you about is a method i use a lot with myself and my clients.

intermittent Fasting! you may of heard this dieting term thrown about a lot and think what the hell is this?

Some say its the secret to FATLOSS, let me say here right now its not. BUT like anything else its a method of fatloss and has its time and place.

IF- is where you fast (not consume ANY foods) for a certain periods of time. This can be dressed up in many different ways 5:2 with days or 16:8, 12:12. or you can really use any combo of hours that make up in a 24 hour period.

In most cases people fast in an attempt to stop binge eating or to cut down on the amount of food they consume to help them lose a weight.

Because in some way you are shortening the window in which we consume calories in.

Now there’s no magic to IF in terms of weight loss, if you binge and go over your calorie allowance you will put on weight there is no DOUBT about it but….

IF has been shown to help with weight loss in SOME WAYS and regulate some of the hormones that get affected by the process of eating.

For example glucagon, Glucagon is one of the main hormones that allow the bodies fat stores to be used up as energy and will help suppress hunger. The hormone its self is only released when insulin is low, if you are constantly eating all the time insulin levels spike up and down you don’t give glucagon a chance to do some of its handy work.

This is just ONE of the many benefits IF has to offer, others include – Lowering insulin levels, Increase HGH levels which will help in building muscle and burning fat and studies have shown to increase BDNF which is a hormone that encourage the growth of new brain cells.

But one of the most important is shortening your window of taking in calories ( food ). It will create some sort of structure and routine if you know that you have to eat between the hours of 12-8pm. so you can plan your days/ meals around this.

So although IF isn’t the secret to weight loss, it definitely has its place and can really help with some peoples lifestyle.

If you are going to do this REMEMBER its just one way of creating a calorie deficit. But heres what i would put in place if i was going to do it.

1. Track your calories certainly to begin with to ensure your in a deficit, otherwise your wasting your time.

2. Don’t just jump to fasting for 2 days then thinking you can do what ever you want for the other 5 days. Take it slow and start off with 16 hours of fasting 8 hours of getting your calories in.

3. Give the method time to work. If you haven’t seen results after 5 days its because you haven’t been consistent enough for anything to show. GIVE it 3 months.