How to Monitor Progress

Monitoring your progress is vital. Doing so allows you to see any changes, hopefully positive, which will let you alter your training and food programme to accommodate those changes.

The following ways can be used for tracking: body weight on scales, body-fat percentage test using calipers, performance in the gym, photographic evidence, a food diary and full body measurements.

A pen and paper is my choice of monitoring. On a daily basis, I write down everything I eat and drink. The same goes for my training sessions. On a weekly basis, I take fasted measurements and compare them to the previous weeks results. If any changes are needed, I am able to make an accurate judgment as to what needs changed due to the information I have recorded over the weeks.

I would recommend monitoring your progress in more than one way. For example, if you chose to monitor progress through body weight on the scales, it may not give you the result you were hoping for. However, if you measured body fat percentage too, you might discover you have lost 2% body fat, but only lost 1lb of weight.

Seeing these positive changes increases your motivation.

Written by David Campbell