Habit Formation and Motivation

If you have been living with unhealthy habits for a long period of time, it’s difficult to break those initially. I recommend making smaller, maintainable changes to your activity levels and food and drink intake to begin with.

At the beginning of a new plan, only small to moderate changes in activity levels and calorie intake are required to kick start body weight loss and improve fitness levels. Don’t let setbacks put you off track, move on from them and stay motivated.

They say it takes upwards of 21 days for a habit to stick.

Why do you want to change yourself? Discover that ‘WHY’ reason, write it down and put it somewhere visible to remind you daily of why you’re on this mission. The reason has to be strong enough for you to stick to you’re lifestyle changes. I cannot give you my reasons for staying motivated as they are personal to myself. But I will give you examples below that will hopefully strike it home with you.

Here’s a couple of ways to motivate yourself; create a challenge between you and a group of friends. Whether it is who loses the most weight in a certain period of time in a safe maintainable manner, running a 5k in 3 month’s time, or who loses the most inches around their waist. These will bring out the competitive side in you, motivating you to keep working hard.

Set mini goals on a daily and weekly basis to keep you motivated and happy to push on. You only live once as the youngsters are saying nowadays, so you must find you’re own personal ‘WHY’ reason of motivation!!

An example from my own experiences is accountability. I posted on my business Facebook page that I was about to start a fat loss journey, stating my specific goals and the time frame I would complete it in. I posted weekly progress updates and pictures to keep me on track.

This kept me on track during the tough times by the support of my friends, family and the fitness community in general.

Public accountability may not be for everyone but for me it serves as the best motivation fuel I have used personally. Before you start worrying about ‘HOW’ you’re going to do it, get you’re mind ready for the new lifestyle changes you want to make.

As for the ‘HOW’ …. well we are here to help you with any training or nutritional questions you may have.

Have a great week.
Dave PT.