I LOVE when I have a client getting ready for a wedding, the attitude, work level and consistency in the diet are always so much easier to manage.

I had two clients last year who get married and yes I’ll name them – Lisa Wait and Jill Murray 😜. They have done amazing and both looked great at their weddings. Both girls enjoy a bit of a yap during sessions, but even that was cut down ‘slightly’ 😂.

The goal of looking as best as you can for this one day is a great one, but it doesn’t start one week before the wedding. If you want to see a big change in yourself you need to give yourself time for it, say twelve weeks for example. Have someone take your measurement, take before photos and then monitor that way every other week. Make yourself accountable to your friends and family even social media if you feel really brave to make you stick to what you’re doing. Even small things like keeping a small note to remind yourself WHY you’re doing it when you want to give up.

On the lead up to the wedding for the last week, and this may seem controversial to some, but drop carbs really low, this will help flush the extra water you’re body is holding onto and give you a more ‘flat’ look for your day.

After the wedding, get back onto a good balanced diet, enjoy treats when you fancy them and enjoy married life 😊

Written by Martyn Paul