Simple – the way you enjoy!

There are all kind of different training programmes out there. You will speak to one trainer who will tell you to do the original chest day, back day, leg day, shoulder day and arm day. Then you will have another who will say ‘full body workouts’ or upper body and lower body splits, push-pull-legs and so on.

Don’t get me wrong I have done all these splits and quite enjoyed them all to a certain extent. As long as you can fit the big compound exercises into your routine you won’t go far wrong. If you have a certain muscle group you feel is weaker than others train that muscle more. I personally have always felt my legs were too weak so I train legs twice a week and have seen a massive improvement in strength. I also don’t dedicate a training day to arms, I feel it’s a waste of a day as you train your arms at every upper body session anyway. However, if you enjoy training arms then do it!

Morale of the story – JUST TRAIN AND BE HAPPY ☺️

Written by Martyn Paul

Owner of Martyn Paul Fitness Centre