Now everyone has a different reason for training; some do it for health reasons, some do it for fun and some even do it so they can justify eating more without gaining much weight. All these reasons are fine, but I would hope MOST people start training to see progress themselves.

The best way for you to see progress is simple – TRACKING!
Track everything you do, if you’re doing strength training and looking to get stronger you need to be able to push yourself that little bit harder each session. I’ll use a simple example:

Week 1 – chest press – 4 x 10reps – 40kg
Week 2 -chest press – 4 x 10reps – 42.5kg
Week 3 – chest press 4 x 10reps – 45kg
Granted this is quick progression, however when you do start to fail to hit the rep range the next weight would be 47.5kg you could then work at it until you can do the 4 full sets of 10 reps, so if your sets look like this:
47.5kg – 10 reps – 10reps -7 reps – 6 reps  – This is when it starts getting tough and you would work on that number until you’re ready to go up to the next weight.

If it’s your running that you’re trying to progress the same principles would apply. Time each run and the distance you’re running, apps such as map my run or the Nike running app are great for this and it keeps notes for you and you would simply try to keep beating your time.
If you’re a beginner start with short distances 3/4km is a great starting point, once you feel comfortable enough at that distance and you’re happy your times are getting better, then you would just add on another 1/2 km to your run.


This article was written by Martyn Paul. If you have any questions contact