3 mistakes people make in the Gym that stops them achieving their desired goals

1. Adherence, in my opinion this is the simple key to success. It doesn’t matter how perfect you think you’re training plan is, if you do it once a year then it will make no difference. As you will see below I will cover form and intensity of exercise but if you are not consistently training to a high level for you’re individual needs  then don’t expect results. We have covered nutrition in previous articles so go back and check those out, as today I’m only focusing on the training side of things. A lot of people ask us about the 1-2% of information that isn’t important to them at their current point of training experience, for example a question might be this… Should I be doing a Intra-workout shake? My reply would be this… Does it fit you’re goals? Do you need it? Do you train frequently enough to require it? How is you’re form on exercises? How’s you’re nutritional intake? What is you’re training experience? And so on… 

2. This leads us on to my favourite topic 🙈 the thing holding people back (usually men) is poor exercise form and technique. Putting too much weight on the bar or machine in a futile attempt to look masculine, when In 99.9% of cases they look a split second away from disaster. I can’t explain proper safe form for every exercise but a rough sensible guide would be this for example…. If you can lower the weight under full control through a good range of motion to suite the exercise and you’re bio mechanical individuality whilst keeping constant tension on the working muscle, contracting fully at the top. It should NOT look like you are in a early 1990’s techno rave whilst performing exercises. I would urge everyone to get you’re form checked by ourselves. The benefits of good consistent form are as follows and my current clients will know this as I remind them every session 😂🙈 reduced risk of injury, improved coordination, improved efficiency, quicker progress, reach you’re goals faster, get lots more out of a single session, look like a legend in the gym 😉 

3. If you can get the first 2 right then you can worry about getting a program, how many reps you should do, how many sets, what exercises, how many days you should train etc A final tip I would say is to track you’re progress, it’s simple and can make a huge difference in my opinion. Tracking you’re training intensity and workouts can be a great way to not only track you’re progress obviously but also it can be used as personal motivation, for example you check you’re last lower body workout, you know the weight you used and how many reps, so a mini goal for the next session can be to beat that target 👍💪💪

As always any questions then please let us know? 


Dave PT