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What our clients say

Fantastic trainer…I was bit apprehensive about going to the gym but Martyn put me at ease and with his help and determination he has helped me lose over 6 stone. would recommend him to everyone.

Barry Watson

My first PT experience was with Martyn… It was an experience! Helpful, Learning Experience, Tough, Friendly & extremely Dedicated to the cause. Customised workouts/meal plans to meet your needs & Therapy provided if needed! Top guy

Michelle Morrrison

Awesome trainer! I have been having sessions with Martyn since the end of December and I am feeling stronger , healthier and I’m achieving my goals. Be prepared to work hard , but I look forward to my sessions even though I am usually in pain the next few days! It’s all worth it . Martyn makes the sessions enjoyable and takes time to get to know you.

Ross Mcarthur

“I’ve been going to Martyn for 5 months now and can’t believe the difference in myself! I’ve lost over a stone and 10 inches of fat! It’s hard work but he makes u laugh all the way! Professional, first class service!! Totally addicted!“

Jill Murray

“I have been training with Martyn over two years now. Initially it was just to help with motivation & general fitness but I then thought maybe I could start up running again. Something I’ve not done since I was a teenager. Martyn really helped me with a good training schedule as well as running with me (albeit at my pace to begin with) rather slow. He always believed in me and kept me thinking positive, so much so that in 2015 I completed my first Baker Hughes 10k and a Tough Mudder which is not something I ever thought would be able to do.
Thanks MP 😃

Danielle Noordermeer

“Excellent Trainer, not just a taskmaster. Martyn get’s the job done and makes you laugh at the same time. Brill.“

Irene Dow

“I train with Martyn at least twice a week. I had to stop playing football because of a knee injury and needed something to fill the void. I didnt think i would enjoy going to the gym so much. Martyn has helped me reached alot personal goals. Martyn is always honest with me wether ive had good or bad weeks, but he always takes the positives out of every situation. Not only do we train hard but its very enjoyable and we have a laugh. Its pleasure to have him as my PT & my friend. I shall look forward to reaching more personal goals in the next few months. But if he mentions “drop sets are easy” hes lying 🙂

Derek Adams

“I have been a client of Aaron Cox since December 2016. Since the very first day, his professionalism and knowledge has been second to none. His enthusiasm for his work has very much rubbed off on me and with Aaron's help, I have developed a serious love with the gym. He thrives on seeing his clients progress and improve.
Without the help and encouragement of Aaron, I would not be the strong and confident person I am today. I look forward to continuing to work with Aaron and to improve even further“

Angie Sutherland

“I gave birth 5 years ago and I must say I kept telling myself I need to lose my baby weight HA! Who was I kidding, I was lazy and that was the bottom line! I ate the wrong foods, I drank too much wine (still probably do) and I was an occasional runner and just got comfortable
Queue my partner proposing and then it was operation bride dress!! I had bought my wedding dress which was 2 sizes too small for me, being a grip I was getting a load of money off it so I thought I could just lose the weight instead!!!“

Carolyn Pierpont

“Being an overweight female inexperienced gym user is a really daunting experience and an understandable barrier to beginning a weight loss or exercise journey. This completely changed when I started training with MP. I lost over 3 stone within a few months, but the biggest change was my increased confidence within the gym environment.“

Claire Boyle